The beauty of simplicity

“It’s the beauty of simplicity

that brings me down to my knees

I’ll praise you for eternity, and Lord, I love You

Because You, You first loved me…”

Those lyrics from a great worship song written by Joshua White chorused through my mind today as I was struck by how content we can be with the simplest things in life.  As my family and I spent a night in the woods Easter Sunday night, I was amazed at how liberating it felt to be away from chaos and distractions.  Even my children were filled with such joy to just be outside, enjoying God’s creation without the hustle and bustle of society.  Instead of watching television, we had actual conversations and watched the campfire.  Instead of slaving away in the kitchen preparing an elaborate meal, and then having to clean it all up, we ate burgers on paper plates and spent our time enjoying each others’ company.  The girls discovered the joys of playing in the dirt, and I have an image in my mind of Maddie looking up in awe at an old, tall tree.  We saw cliffs hugging the shore of the river, and the girls squealed with excitement when we came across a creek in the woods.  They chased bugs and squirrels, and we fell asleep to the songs of crickets and birds.  Instead of an alarm clock, we were awakened by the sun rising in the sky… simplicity at its’ finest.

Psalm 104 describes the wonders of God’s creation in vivid detail, and is a great reminder that God is the Creator of all things… “He set the earth on its foundations” (vs. 5)… “He makes springs pour waters into the ravines” (vs. 10)… “He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for man to cultivate” (vs. 14)… “How many are your works, O Lord!  In wisdom You made them all; the earth is full of Your creatures.”

As I get back to the real world and become engulfed in the duties of work and school and home, I pray that I will find bits of time to notice the “simple” things, those things that are in fact the beauty and wonder of an almighty, omnipotent, Holy God.

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