First Flight!

We finally made it!  February 29 is here, and we traveled to San Antonio, Texas, today for Kirby’s BMT graduation weekend.  It is so very hard to believe that we have been separated for 8 1/2 weeks… there is no way to describe the excitement we feel knowing that tomorrow morning we will see him face to face!

The girls both were flying for the very first time today.  Raegan was an absolute nervous wreck.  The closer we got to the gate, the harder she would shake.  She was trembling all over as we made it to the plane, and then the tears started.  She sat beside me, and cried until we were in the air (and cut the circulation off in my arm as she gripped it with the grip of death!).  Then, suddenly, she decided flying was awesome, and talked non-stop the rest of the way to Atlanta.  Maddie, on the other hand, was ready for adventure.  She sat up in her seat with her face up against the window, and squealed and giggled the whole take-off.

The rest of the flights were uneventful, but San Antonio had enough excitement for the entire week.  The airport was huge, and crowded, and a lot to take in when you don’t travel much and you’re traveling with two young children.  We grabbed our baggage (or, in Dwight’s case, someone else’s baggage), then caught the tram to the rental car area.  We weren’t prepared for the tram ride, and all about broke our necks when we weren’t holding on and it took off.  Fortunately, no one suffered anything but wounded pride, and we ended up taking a shuttle to the car lot.  We met several people on the shuttle who were either ex-military or families going to graduation.  When we were unloading, I had my hands full with the girls and our luggage, and I dropped some things.  Two of the gentlemen on the shuttle carried my stuff all the way through the lot for me, and told me what an awesome decision Kirby made by going into the Air Force.  It made me feel such a sense of pride in my husband!

Driving through the city was insane, but our house is great.  The girls and I are crashing in a room with bunks and a mattress on the floor, and we have a playground right next to the house (which they can’t wait to go to!).  We had dinner at Rudy’s (whose claim to fame is having the worst BBQ in Texas)… delicious.  Now I just need to settle down enough to try to sleep before the festivities begin tomorrow!

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