Yesterday’s run-down

Here’s a basic run-down of yesterday’s events before we head into today…

Harper was very agitated all day with very little rest. She has full-blown stridor at this point, which means she squeaks when she breathes and has a very difficult time breathing. She began to have a few small episodes in which she would “desat,” which means she just wasn’t getting good air. By days end she received two breathing treatments by the respiratory therapist for her swollen airways, had another chest X-ray, and had a visit from the ENT specialist. The ENT performed a laryngoscopy, a procedure where they put a scope through her nose and airways and take pictures. Her initial thought is that Harper may have laryngomalacia, which is where part of the larynx (voice box) is weak and collapsing, blocking part of her airway. However, further evaluation is needed, so we should hear back from them today. Harper also continues to vomit frequently, so two things they are considering are adding reflux medicine and performing a bronchoscopy in the OR, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

From a neurological standpoint the day was eventful as well. First the neurologist decided to clamp off the EVD to monitor how well Harper is handling the fluid in her brain on her own before they made a decision about removing the tube. Then in the afternoon they came in to change the dressing around her tube, only to discover that there was no suture closing the area around the tube and it was leaking! This changed the plan, and they had to go ahead and pull the tube early and stitch her up, so they will be closely monitoring her head size and she will have another c/t scan today or tomorrow.

Medicine-wise… She is still on the same meds, and they are looking at adding reflux meds to her long list of drugs. They stopped the constant morphine drip, but she is still receiving doses of morphine through the day as well as the methadone to help with morphine withdrawal.

I think that covers all of yesterday… Now we’re off to see what today holds for our girl. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement!

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