Today was a much better day. Harper came off of the EEG machine, and it indicated no seizure activity. The doctors have decided that given how well she is doing and the fact that her vital signs are so good they will not do a spinal tap at this time- she has no other signs of having an infection, so they’re going to give her some time. They still strongly believe that the other night’s episode is seizure related, and they decided tonight to take her off of the phenobarbital and increase her Keppra dosage to see how that works for controlling seizure activity.

Harper got moved to a big-girl crib today, complete with mobile and aquarium toy (which she loved!). We got to wash her hair, change diapers, hold her, change her clothes… All kinds of wonderful parent things! She also got restarted on her feeds, although she did rip out a feeding tube and have to have it replaces. (Apparently she is over all of the tubes!)

One of our favorite doctors came to talk to us tonight, and she said at this point they feel good about Harper’s progress and their goal now is to get her ready to go home. That means they have to get her dosages worked out on her medications- finding the right seizure medications, making a decision about reflux meds, and getting her off of the morphine (she can go home with the methadone). We also have to get her feeding worked out as she still is not able to suck and swallow, so speech therapy will be working with her this week and doing some evaluations.

We continue to be so thankful to all of you who have been praying and sending such sweet messages of encouragement, and we are so blessed that God has given us such a feisty, spunky little girl who is showing everyone what His miracles look like!

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