And the miracles keep coming…

I’ve been slack on the updates the past few days, but we have had our hands full with our two big girls on spring break and our steadily progressing baby girl. As we all know, no news is good news! Harper is doing amazing things, and it just keeps getting better. She is starting to suck a pacifier (on her own terms, of course), and continues to hold down her feeds and all of her meds. In fact, she is so awesome that she will be heading back to the coast tomorrow! We will have one last round with her team here in the morning, and then she will be on her way to NHRMC (with the rest of us close behind her). Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers… Anyone who had any doubt about the power of prayer can look at Miss Harper and see that God still answers! Keep them coming so we can get our girl to a full recovery.

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