Welcome to Wilmington

Our first 24 hours back in Wilmington were uneventful, which is always great news with Harper! She is no longer a sick or critical patient, so it’s been a different experience for us. We were uncomfortable leaving her overnight on her first night, so I stayed with her. It was a very restless night- Harper has gone from being in a noisy room full of babies and alarms to a quiet, private room with no one around. It has been a bit of an adjustment for her, but she finally seemed to be settling this evening. It has also been an adjustment for us as we get used to new care for her and learn to juggle hospital life and home life with our big girls.

At this point Harper is there just to learn how to bottle feed, but that still seems to be going slow. Today we met her speech therapist but Harper was sleepy and uninterested so not much was accomplished. They removed her PICC line this afternoon, so she officially has no iV lines at all! We are down to just her feeding tube.

Thanks for the continued prayers- for those who have inquired, visitors are welcome. (Just call or text one of us to make sure we are there when you want to visit).

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