God is still working miracles

After a roller coaster ride of a day, we are preparing to head back to Leland!  We saw multiple doctors and specialists today, and there was concern that Harper was leaking cerebral fluid into areas she shouldn’t be.  They came in and decided to do pre-operative bloodwork, put an iV in (which Mommy had to hold her down for), and prepared a room for her upstairs in the pediatric unit.

All of this was in preparation for the worst.  But, once again, God used Harper to show that He is still answering prayers and working miracles.  We took her down for an MRI, which they decided to tackle without sedation.  It was rough as we stood there and watched them strap her down as she screamed hysterically, but it worked.  They got the imaging they needed, and were shocked by the results!

Basically they can’t explain what the knot is on Harper’s head, but it isn’t cerebral fluid.  Her ventricle size is still enlarged but stable, and things generally look better.  With the MRI they are not able to have an idea of what damage has been done to her brain- it hasn’t filled in the areas it’s supposed to, and has not started repairing itself yet in the damaged areas.  She also still has small cysts throughout her brain that they just can’t do anything with at this point.

So, we continue to do what we are really not good at- waiting and trusting.  We have hope that God will continue working miracles as He keeps proving to us on a daily basis.  We don’t know what His plans are, but we know they are good.  Thanks for the prayers today, they got us through once again!

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