Developmental Testing Results

Slow and steady wins the race- that’s the latest verdict on Harper’s developmental progress.  This morning she took on the NICU developmental clinic here in Wilmington, and she handled it like a champ.  She met with a nurse, a therapist, a psychologist, and Dr. D, the very first doctor to work with Harper when she was born.

Harper was tested in the areas of cognitive, language, fine motor, and gross motor development, as well as measured and weighed to ensure her physical growth is on target (which, as we all know by looking at her, is perfectly fine!).

Harper showed advanced skills in her cognitive and language development, and for the first time ever was right on target with her fine motor development!  (She has an incredible OT whom we love!). Gross motor skills proved to be the area of greatest concern this go round.  She walks and gets around just fine, but can be a little unsteady on her feet and trips and falls a lot.  She also needs some work on things like running and jumping and climbing and stepping up and down… Things that will come with time and practice, and that Mommy isn’t in a hurry to push.  The less climbing she does at this stage, the less I worry about head injuries!

We now have to follow up with our case manager and therapists to determine what services we can wean from based on today’s report.  We also will follow up for further testing again in six months.

I catch myself feeling discouraged at times when I leave those appointments and she doesn’t “ace” all the tests.  Sometimes I think I just want to hear that she’s totally in the clear and we can put all this behind us… But that’s not the journey God has us on.  And as Dr. D reminded me today, she is amazing.  Given her past and what was predicted for her, we are seeing miracles every day.  Yes, I’d like to move on with no further testing or scans or therapies or special doctors, but what a gift we’ve been given!  She has come so much farther than anyone ever dreamed, and she’s continuing to show us each day the mighty power of a God who heals and restores.  Let’s pray that we all can learn to accept that the One who is in control has a perfectly designed plan, and that His plans and His timing are all for our good!

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