What love really is

  There’s this misconception that love is this butterfly-in-your-stomach feeling that makes you happy and googly-eyed.  It’s all fairy-tales and happily-ever-after… But it’s not real.  Nope, life doesn’t work that way, but then when things don’t turn out like a Cinderella story we think that we’ve missed the boat, that something isn’t right, or that we should bow out and look for sunshine and rainbows.  

No, real love isn’t glamorous.  But there’s something beautiful in commitment and dedication, in raising a family and doing life together.  Easy? Nope.  Always happy?  Negative.  Worth it?  Absolutely.  Because real love is a love that lasts.  It’s a love that can find laughter in the tears, that can overcome the struggle, that can outlast physical beauty, that will stand strong when all else fades away.  It’s love designed by God.  Here’s a peek at what love looks like in our home…

Love is–

  • Cleaning puke together at two in the morning
  • Holding hands in bed over the kid asleep between you
  • Unloading the dishwasher every morning so she doesn’t have to
  • Accepting each other in spite of your flaws
  • Making sure there’s always toilet paper on the roll
  • Realizing a mistake isn’t worth losing a lifetime together
  • Getting a sitter so you can grocery shop together on a Friday night
  • Putting a fight on hold so you can make the most of your time alone
  • Saving the last Mt. Dew for her 
  • Swallowing your pride and admitting you were wrong
  • Buying his favorite snacks at the store 
  • Forgiving, even when it hurts
  • Praying over a child together
  • Riding in silence side by side to the hospital with no need for small talk or niceities 
  • Being so, so mad, but realizing that there isn’t anyone else you want to text about your day
  • Being weird and goofy and nerdy- together 
  • Having a conversation with only facial expressions
  • Giving her your favorite tshirt to sleep in
  • Packing his lunch every morning so that he doesn’t get hungry at work
  • Teamwork 
  • Honoring your commitments
  • Accepting that her commitments are his commitments and his commitments are her commitments- in it all together
  • Letting her sleep on the best pillow
  • Fixing his plate at dinner each night 
  • Supporting each other’s dreams and ambitions- no matter how wild and crazy they may seem
  • Watching a sappy chick flick for her, or a loud action movie for him- and actually watching it
  • Having each other’s backs- no matter what
  • Compromising 
  • Taking the trash out for her every day
  • Eating cookies together without judgment after the kids are in bed 
  • Organizing his dresser, one more time
  • Putting the other first, even when you would rather not
  • Realizing your wants are their wants and their dreams are your dreams
  • It’s not giving up, not quitting… Fighting daily and refusing to let Satan win (because, let’s face it, he would love nothing more than to destroy the families joined together by God!)
  • A choice, one made every day… A decision that doesn’t react on emotion, that sacrifices when necessary, that’s made even when you don’t really feel like it 

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