Surgery Monday

I’ve been procrastinating on writing this update.  My mind and my emotions are all over the place these days, and while I often use this blog to process through these things, putting it all into words makes it real, and I haven’t been quite ready for that yet.

Harper’s tonsillectomy is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at Duke.  This is a good thing, it will help her in the long run, and for kids this is not a major surgery.  And, let’s be real- compared to her last surgery this is a piece of cake.  We’re talking removing tonsils, not operating on her brain!

Yet, as parents, we are nervous wrecks.  When your child has crazy things growing on her brain and has a tendency to have life-threatening seizures, any surgery is a big deal.  I get nervous just with her going to sleep on her own at night!  (And if you wonder why, just research SUDEP).  There are many factors that can increase Harper’s seizure risk, and many of those will be an issue tomorrow (lack of food, out of routines, stress, pain, etc.). Also, Harper has not been placed under general anesthesia since she started having seizures, so no one really knows how her body will react… and unknowns are scary.

I know the best way to combat fear is with the word of God, so I have my go-to Scriptures loaded and ready.  I also know we have some amazing prayer warriors on our team who will be praying us through this next week, so thank you ahead of time for that!  As you are praying, here are some specifics we know to pray for right now:

  • PEACE!  Obviously, peace for us as we prepare and wait, and peace for Harper.  She is more and more aware of what is going on and is developing quite a fear of hospitals.  She has even started crying when she sees someone on t.v. in the hospital!
  • Dealing with no food… Harper has to stop eating Sunday night, but her surgery isn’t scheduled until 2:40 Monday afternoon.  That is a long time to go without eating!
  • No seizures!  Harper has had seizure activity in the past week, so we need that to stop, and we need her to have no seizures during or after surgery.
  • Easy IV access (this has been an issue in the past, but hopefully not this time!)
  • No vomiting… Harper has still been vomiting at night on a weekly basis.  Obviously, she needs to avoid that during the tonsil recovery period!
  • Medications- We need her to continue taking her meds post-surgery with no problem.  One is a chewable tablet and the other is a liquid, so hopefully she will not have trouble swallowing during her recovery.

That’s plenty to pray for, I do believe.  We trust that this will be a smooth process and all will go well, and we will be able to report great things!

One thought on “Surgery Monday

  1. SUE STEVENSON says:

    She is still absolutely precious and has been through so much as has your entire family. You are all strong and God will help you through yet another procedure. I will be pray ing for all of you and if there is anything I can do just send me a text or call…Good luck and I know you are in the hands of very good doctors. Keep me posted…


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