Is it morning yet?

In my last post back in October I closed with “joy comes in the morning.”

Well, we are still waiting for morning to come! I say that with a laugh, but seriously… we are still in a waiting pattern.

Harper had shown increased seizure activity at out last check and had to significantly increase her medications. We have now done that, and it has not gone as well as we had hoped.

In the last week and a half, Harper has had two grand mal seizures. For those who aren’t familiar with those, I’ll say this- they are wretched. With those she has had full-body convulsions, loss of consciousness, and breathing issues, and they are lasting several minutes and requiring rescue meds. We haven’t seen these types of seizures in quite a long time.

In addition, this past week Harper has developed what appears to be an allergic reaction to the increased medicine. She’s very uncomfortable and it has been progressing, so today her doctors at Duke made the decision to stop this one medication immediately and start her on another medicine over the next week. In January we will meet with the neuro at Duke to evaluate this new medicine and discuss a possible EMU admission.

We would appreciate prayers for this transition. We are praying that:

  1. These big seizures will STOP.
  2. The reaction she is having to the Lamictal will cease.
  3. Her body (and temperament!) will respond well to this new medicine.
  4. We won’t see an increase in seizures when we stop the Lamictal tonight and transition to the new medicine.

We know God is able to answer these requests, and that in all things He is always good. Thanks for praying and believing with us!

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