Grace to the mama

To the mama whose house is a wreck, who can’t seem to conquer that mountain of laundry, who is cringing at the sight of the dust on the ceiling fan or the ring around the tub, who is over it when it comes to washing dishes again, who can’t quite remember the last time the floors were mopped or the furniture was polished or the windows were washed… grace.

To the mama who is locked in the bathroom for a moment of peace, feeling guilty because she’s not out there enjoying every second of their childhood… because it wasn’t a Pinterest-worthy holiday… because she just needs to not be touched or talked to for a few minutes… grace.

To the mama who fed the kids Ramen noodles for dinner, or let them eat candy for breakfast, who is still in her pajamas at noon, who may or may not have showered in the past 48 hours, and can’t remember the last time that kid had a bath… grace.

To the mama that is fretting over how much screen time the children have had today, or how little time outdoors they’ve had, or if they’ve gotten enough physical activity, or if they’ve had enough or too little social interaction, or if they’ve gotten enough attention this week… grace.

To the mama scrolling through social media, taking note of all the perfect decorations and matching pajamas and elaborate meals and piles of presents with coordinating bows and Christmas crafts and freshly baked goodies and smiling perfection- and feeling like a failure in comparison… grace.

To the mama who feels judged, or tired, or sick, or weary and worn… who feels unworthy, unloved, or under-appreciated… who feels inadequate, unsure, or lacking in any way… grace.

In the aftermath of Christmas and all that it entails for a mama who is doing her best to make everything special and memorable for the family, take a moment to sit at the feet of Jesus. Pause the busyness, pause the chaos and the noise, and stop the comparison. Sit in His sufficient grace. You may feel like you’re not enough, mama, but HE IS. ❤️

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you…”

-2 Corinthians 12:9

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