Raegan’s Testimony

I am so proud of my baby girl! On Tuesday, March 8, 2011, she gave her heart to Jesus. This is the most proud of her I have ever been! Her passion and determination have already been such an inspiration to me. She has asked questions about becoming a Christian for several months now, but never with any persistence. On Monday, her teacher asked to speak to me, and they both told me that she had been asking about it all day and she thought she was ready. Well, my logical brain thought this was great, but wanted to make sure everything was clear before we proceeded. So I pushed her off until that evening, and then we sat down to talk. I talked and talked and asked a thousand questions, and she just kept asking me if she could pray. I ended up telling her not yet and sent her to bed.

By the next morning she was barely talking to me, and she went to school as usual. When we got home that afternoon, she asked me if she could go be alone in her room. After a few minutes, she emerged from her room and told me she had to talk to me. She sounded like such a little adult! She informed me that she did not need me to ask Jesus in her heart, that she could do it on her own, and that she could go in her room by herself and do it, and that’s what she was going to do. She told me she would wait until bedtime if I wanted her to, but she was doing it no matter what.

Whoa. What a wake-up call for this mom! I was so ashamed of myself for trying to push her off until I thought she was ready, and for not having that same determination in my walk with Christ! She knew the Truth, and nothing was going to stand her way of getting right with Him. Imagine what this world would be if all of us Christians had that kind of fervency for the things of God!

I realized that I wanted to be a part of the biggest decision my daughter would ever make, so I sat down with her right then and led her in the sinner’s prayer. It still makes me weepy to think of the light in her eyes when we finished praying. She looked at me with those big, bright blue eyes, and the sweetest little smile… that face will be forever etched in my mind. She put her hand over heart and said, “Mama, He’s in here now, isn’t He?” Praise the Lord, yes He was and is! It’s so hard to explain, but as she sat there and I looked in her eyes, there seemed to be such a peace and a joy in her that I had never seen.

Raegan immediately wanted to start telling people her good news, and she did. She spent the next hour on the phone with everyone she could think of, and for the next week she told every person she saw about her decision. Again, what a testimony to me… am I that excited to share with everyone the good news? How many people have I told? She may already have me beat when it comes to those numbers!

I realize that Raegan is young, and that as she grows in age and in her walk with Christ she’ll have questions. But I do not for one moment doubt the decision that she made, nor the change He has already brought into her life. I just pray that as a mom I can give her every opportunity to grow more in love with Him every day.

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