Playing the game

Raegan has decided to be a ball player.  She is currently in her second season of t-ball, and she’s actually doing really well with it.  She hits hard, runs fast, and even stops the ball when it comes at her.  She has come a long way from sitting in the dirt and throwing grass like she did last year!

I’ve been a little shocked at my own response to her games.  I’m oddly uptight and tense as I watch my little girl on the field.  With every run she scores or person she tags out, my heart swells with pride.  On the other hand, I’m on my feet, ready to yell with every ball she misses or play she fouls up.  Rest assured if she gets lazy or careless out there I am going to be ready to respond!

Raegan played particularly well during this last game, and as I was thinking back on her performance and how proud I am of her, God spoke to my heart.  If my heart is that impacted by my daughter playing a ball game, imagine the intense feelings of our Heavenly Father as He watches us play the game of life.  How quick I am to rebuke my daughter when she makes a mistake on the field!  I am so grateful that He deals with my mistakes with so much more love and compassion.  And as I feel great pride when Raegan performs well on the field, how must He feel when we perform well in life?

My prayer for today is that I will perform my best for my Heavenly Father.  My daughter strives to make me proud, and I want to do the same for my Father.  I pray that my life will be full of good plays that cause His heart to swell with pride as well!

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