My 1st Mother’s Day Letter

My Raegan gave me my very first Mother’s Day letter, written all by herself at school (and of course my response was to weep like a baby!)… it was so sweet that I had to put it on here!

Dear Mom, 

I love you because you make my life special!  You make bedtime special.  I am glad I was born.  I love being called Sunshine! Thank you for praying for me.  Love, Raegan!

There are so many days in which I have so many regrets about raising my children… I should have spent more time with them, I should have taught them this, I should have done that with them… it’s easy to play the game of comparing yourself to other moms and seeing all the wonderful things they do and only seeing the rotten things you do.  However, God has reminded me time and time again that He gave me what I need to raise my children.  He knows their needs and knows the type of mom they need, and He chose to give them to me, not someone else.  If He had meant for my girls to be raised by the mom who has it all together, He would have placed them there.  But instead He chose me as their mommy, as scattered as I am, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I know that I will make mistakes, and lots of them, but praise the Lord for a God who uses those opportunities to help me learn and grow.  And praise Him for the small reminders (sometimes in the form of a sweet little note) that somehow I am making a difference in the lives of my children.

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