Yellow means slow down (not speed up!)

We’re all familiar with the yellow light debate.  While we learn in driver’s ed that yellow means to slow down, most of us prefer the unwritten law that declares the yellow light to be an open invitation to floor it.  I am one of those people.  Those warning lights and signs are just a way of letting me know that I need to go harder and push through… both on the road and in life.

I’ve had to learn the hard way (and, by the way, I am still learning the hard way) that God doesn’t give us warning signals to make us push harder.  You see, that stubborn streak I see so frequently in my children is one that they have certainly inherited from their mother.  I do not like to give up.  When I see a warning sign, instead of heeding the warning, I take it as a personal challenge…. How far can I go?  How fast can I do it?  How much can I take on?  When I’m in the will of God, with Him running the show, there are no limits.  However, when I decide to go my own direction, in my own strength (as I so often do), He throws the caution flag.

Last week was one of those weeks in which I saw the small warnings, but ignored them.  I kept pushing through the busyness, refusing to slow down even for a second.  We went non-stop from early morning to late at night.  There was so much to do, and I felt that I needed to make the most of every opportunity.  After all, isn’t that what life is all about?  Fortunately, God doesn’t give up on us.  He brought me to a full stop this week.  I was frustrated at first- I didn’t want to slow down, much less stop, and I wasn’t thrilled with the fact that I had no other choice.  However, God is always faithful.  Once I got over myself and my own agendas, He revealed His plan to me.  Ultimately, as a wife and a mother, my job is to love Him and spend time with Him, love my husband and spend time with him, and love my children and spend time with them.  I had to be forced to stop for a minute so He could remind me of what my life is to be about- it isn’t about running all over town, being involved in every activity that comes my way, and being on the go all the time.  Sometimes we just need to stop.

I have found great contentment in the simplest of things this week… kiddie pools in the backyard, bed sheet forts in the girls’ playroom, playing Memory, living room picnics on the floor, watching movies.  We’ve made time in our schedule to snuggle on the couch, to enjoy real conversations, and to pray together and read our Bibles together.  I have found great joy in my role as wife and mommy, and even more joy in spending time with my Heavenly Father.  And honestly, I haven’t really missed all the hustle and bustle of a crammed schedule!  So, as my week continues, I am so grateful to Him for the warning signs He gives on the road of life, the plan He has for each and every one of us, and I pray that I will remember to slow down when I see that yellow light next time!

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