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For years, I despised Valentine’s Day.  It always seemed so ridiculous to me to set aside one day of the year for sending flowers and candy and greeting cards, for saying “I love you,” for being romantic… why do we have to have just one day for that?  Shouldn’t it be an every day kind of thing?  And besides, is that really what love is all about?

My cynicism was really just a fallacy, a cover-up for always being disappointed on Valentine’s Day.  Despite my attempts to squelch my emotions, deep down I have always been a hopeless romantic, longing to be swept off my feet by the love of my life.  So as each year passed and I found myself sitting around doing the same old thing on Valentine’s Day, my detest for the so-called holiday grew.

Then came my husband.  For years he accepted my rejection of the whole day of romance, and never pushed me.  We exchanged cards like we’re supposed to, but that’s as far as I went in celebrating.  However, after the birth of our second daughter, many years into our relationship, he knocked me off my feet.  With one night, he showed me what the magic of Valentine’s is all about.  I had an entire evening of surprises, including fondue dinner, flowers, candy, and a private horse-drawn carriage ride through downtown, complete with snow.  The whole evening was like a fairy-tale, and suddenly I loved Valentine’s Day!

Now here I am, spending Valentine’s Day alone with our girls, while he’s spending the day being drilled in boot camp.  Fortunately, I am so blessed.  I do have the love of two amazing little girls, and an incredible family.  My dad took us to dinner, and we got to spend some great time with my parents, so somehow this day that could be one of the worst days of the year is still a day to celebrate, a day to share with those you love.  And most importantly, I’m still loved by the Creator of the universe, my Lord and Savior, and that is definitely something to be happy about!

My funny Valentines…

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