Another weekend down

There isn’t a great deal to update this dreary Sunday afternoon. We met with Harper’s medical team this morning, and everyone still has the same concerns. Even with continuous feeds and Prilosec Harper continues to vomit. She is gaining a little weight, however, due to the higher calorie formula they are supplementing with, but this is not a long term fix. So, this morning they informed us that while they had initially hoped that Harper would be able to come through everything and learn to bottle feed with no issues, they are now having to look at other options.

That being said, Harper will have about another day with no major changes, and will go ahead with the lower GI study tomorrow. Tomorrow will determine what comes next, but they are looking at inserting a long-term feeding tube (a g-tube). This tube would go through her skin on her belly directly to her stomach, and all of her feeding would be done through it. The downside is that obviously that isn’t how we want her to eat and it involves another surgery, but they did say that after that surgery they could probably transfer us to New Hanover.

Aside from that it was a calm end to the weekend. Harper had a grumpy morning and had to be given lots of meds, but she stayed awake and happy for a while this afternoon, so we got lots of snuggles and play time! We’re looking forward to meeting her new doctor tomorrow and hopefully getting some more answers!

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