Harper’s first road trip to Duke…

We’ve put many miles on our vehicle these past few months in our travels to and from Duke.  Today was our first clinic appointment with Harper, and the trip was a little emotional for both of us… We’ve driven this road to visit Harper or to leave her behind as we traveled home, but today we traveled with her.  It was an odd feeling to drive her there ourselves and carry her into the hospital… And an amazing feeling to carry her right back out of those hospital doors and load her up in the car to go back home!

Today’s visit was with Harper’s ENT doctor, who diagnosed her reflux and laryngomalacia.  We were expecting to have a repeat bronchoscopy, but once again Harper proved the doctors wrong.  God has shown his power once more in our little girl, and the doctor was shocked that Harper is eating so well on her own and that her breathing and stridor have improved so quickly.  We were in and out in fifteen minutes because there just wasn’t anything for them to fix or investigate!  The doctor was prepared to do the bronchoscopy, but after seeing and hearing our little miracle she sent us on our way.

It’s still hard to fathom sometimes that God chose us to be the parents of these three amazing girls and to witness firsthand His miraculous healing power.  I don’t question why we’ve had to go through this, but rather why He chose us to walk this amazing journey.  Has it been difficult thus far?  Absolutely!  But God reveals Himself in the mightiest ways during our most trying circumstances, and, for reasons I may never understand, He has chosen to reveal Himself to our family in incredible ways… And for that I am eternally grateful.

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