Too, too good…

Today was a big check-up day for Harper at the Nunnelee Clinic at the hospital here in Wilmington.  It was technically a 6-month developmental check, although she’ll be 7 months old tomorrow (hard to believe).  She was able to show off today for the psychologist, the dietician, the physical therapist, and Dr. Digiuseppe (the doctor who attended to Harper on her birth day and sent her on to Duke).  And show off she did!  They tested her in all areas of development, and across the board she measured in the 7-month range… right on target!  Each person that visited told us how amazing she is, and Dr. D just shook his head and said she is “too, too good.”  One nurse said that it was unbelievable to see Harper in person after “knowing” her through her chart and records… it doesn’t add up in the medical world!

Harper is currently weighing 18 pounds, and we are finally able to make adjustments to her formula.  We are backing down to a regular calorie formula, and transitioning from Elecare to Nutramigen.  We don’t have to go back to the clinic until her first birthday, and they expect her to be discharged from her therapies at that time!  Harper is almost sitting on her own, rolls front to back and back to front on her own (but only on her own terms!), lifts her head, tracks objects, crosses midline, uses both sides of her body, picks up small objects, makes vowel and consonant sounds… I could go on and on about all of the amazing things she does, but you get the point!  It is such a joy to truly have reason to celebrate each of these milestones with her… I tended to take these for granted with my first two loves, but now we can relish in the fact that life is a miracle.  What we think of as “normal” is actually a gift of grace, and we’re so happy that God has taught us to recognize Him in the normal, every day accomplishments of our children.  Sometimes our experience with Harper has seemed like a dream, and we can’t understand why God chose us to be the parents of such a beautiful miracle, but we are ever so grateful for this gift!  The doctor said Harper is “too, too good,” but we say God is too, too good!

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