Happy 5th birthday, Bluebird!

Oh, my, where has five years gone?!  I still remember crawling into the doctor’s office, sick as a dog, eager for some relief of some sort, only to stumble out later in a daze after being told I was pregnant with my second baby (and no relief for the next 8 months, haha!).  She decided to have her own style from the very start, showing herself off full-breech and refusing to move and sending mommy off for her first cesarean.  She came out weighing 6 lbs. 15 oz., 19 inches long, head full of dark hair.  We named her Madison Blue (Blue after her great-grandma), not knowing how perfectly that name would fit our blue-eyed beauty.

She turned our worlds upside-down, making our family fuller, our days busier, and her sister a big sister!  She keeps us laughing with her nutty sense of humor, and has made me realize that children come out with a personality all of their own and it’s best to accept it and embrace it and try to channel it in the right direction if at all possible.  I get lost in her blue eyes, amazed by her sweet and giving nature, and my days are filled with joy as I listen to that infectious giggle and watch her dance and twirl and create… she is my free-spirit with the biggest heart, and I’m blessed to be her mommy.

In the past year I’ve watched my bluebird grow and mature from a preschooler into a little girl.  She went from the baby to being a big sister in a big way, and has embraced that role with full enthusiasm.  She’s eager to help, eager to please, eager to pray, eager to praise God, and makes me so proud every day.

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