My sleepy little one

 Tonight your little body is worn out from a busy day.  There was no fight in you as you quickly drifted off to sleep.  You feel hot and somewhat sweaty on me as you sleep, and I can still see a hint of dirt on your chunky toes.  As I bend down to rest my chin on your head I catch a whiff of the outdoors lingering on your skin. You’ve played hard today, little one.  You’ve soaked up the sun, felt the breeze on your porcelain skin, and marveled at God’s amazing creation.  You’ve laughed and run and squealed with delight as you explored the world around you.  I watched your eyes light up as the crane flew up out of the water.  I saw your mind at work as we waited for the turtles to push off of the rocks into the lake.  I heard you tell us all to look at the big airplane as it crossed overhead.

You live this life with enthusiasm and strength and joy.  You notice the gifts from above and remind us all to do the same.  You live a brave life, one that defies odds and inspires those around you.  You encourage me and push me to be better- a better mom, a better person, a better daughter of the King.  You do all of these amazing things, little one- and yet you’re still so small.  You have so far to go, so much more life to live and things to do and goals to accomplish- but you’ve already served a greater purpose than I could ever dream.  Thank you, my little miracle, for allowing God to use you so mightily.  Thank you for the blessing of being your mom.

2 thoughts on “My sleepy little one

  1. SUE STEVENSON says:

    Please publish your book/blogs…..You tell it like it is in a very miraculous manner and your strength comes through your words. They are so lucky to have you and Kirby…..

    Sue Stevenson

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