The annual MRI

We survived!  Another MRI under sedation is behind us, praise the Lord!  Harper was a trooper as always today.  She handled no food or drink all morning, and took her sedation medications without a fight- but she didn’t fall asleep as easily as expected and had to be given an injection as well.

The news was all good… Fluid and cysts are still there, and one ventricle is still enlarged much more than the other. but it all measured the same as last year, so we get to continue avoiding a shunt surgery- yay!  Her skull hasn’t fused together quite yet from her craniotomy, but her midline is nice and straight now so that you can actually see two defined hemispheres of the brain. And the best news from the neurosurgeon is that we don’t have to see him until next year, and at that point they will try a “fast” MRI, which won’t require sedation!

We have one more appointment later this week with the neurologist to evaluate seizure activity and go over medications… And hopefully that will do us for a while!  

Thanks to our prayer warriors out there… 2 1/2 years later and God is still answering those prayers.  And thanks to all of our can-tab collecting friends… We dropped off 15-20 pounds of tabs and a couple of bags of supplies to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham today!  You guys rock (keep it up!)!


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