Resolutions, more or less 

It’s the start of a new year, so time to make those resolutions…. Here’s a few of mine:

More reading.  Less watching.

More acting.  Less hesitating.

More doing.  Less sitting.

More living.  Less waiting.

More learning.  Less regretting.

More listening.  Less talking.

More seeking.  Less wandering.

More appreciating.  Less complaining.

More leaping.  Less cowering.

More forward.  Less reverse.

More giving.  Less taking.

More understanding.  Less demanding.

More growing.  Less shriveling.

More kindness.  Less wretch.

More embracing.  Less avoiding.

More music.  Less noise.

More patience.  Less yelling.

More value.  Less waste.

More trying.  Less quitting.

More refining.  Less defining.

More mercy.  Less self-righteousness.

More humility.  Less pride.

More grace.  Less comparing.

More trust.  Less fear.

More forgiving.  Less running.

More loving.  Less judging.

More of His Word.  Less of my own.

More of Him.  Less of me.

Here’s to 2016… May we all long for a year of growing and learning and refining- a year in which the greatest joy and blessings come not through material gain, but through drawing closer to our Savior in whatever circumstances come our way.  ❤️

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