This is the face of a warrior, a survivor, an overcomer, a miracle from the Most High.

Five years. Five years of unknowns and doing the unexpected. Five years of heartaches triumphed by joy that only God can bring. Five years of ups and downs and round and rounds. Five years of perseverance and determination and believing. Five years of growing and trusting and holding on.

We didn’t celebrate with a grand Pinterest-worthy party. In fact, no party at all. In five years we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and lots of noise and excitement and people just doesn’t work so well.

So, she had her Peppa cake “with fire on it” (the candle) and rainbow sherbet at home, and I’ve never seen a greater smile. And I’m overjoyed to listen to her bubbly giggles and watch her dance around the house in her mismatched clothes and crazy hair. It’s been a simple day full of simple joys, and I’m grateful for every moment.

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