Y’all, there are moments in which I am so unbelievably awestruck by the goodness and faithfulness of God that I don’t even know what to say.

Tonight has been one of those moments.

I came home from work this evening and jumped on the computer for a video conference with Harper’s neuropsychologist from Kennedy Kreiger in Baltimore. We saw her on this most recent trip for the annual evaluation, and I have been not-so-patiently awaiting the results!

Last year when Harper had this testing done, we came away feeling defeated. The recommendations made for her were not ones that I wanted to hear and included advising us to medicate her for ADHD and put her in public school for a special education program. We were told she would need intensive services and that she had a severe math learning disability and vision issues among many other things.

We covered the situation in prayer and felt the Lord leading us to stay the course. We kept her at Southeastern Christian Academy, worked with her amazing teachers to make the accommodations we could, got her extra therapy help, and I worked with her at home as much as I could. We had everyone continue to pray for her, and her neurologist continued to seek the best treatment options for her epilepsy and ESES.

This evening the doctor could not stop smiling as she reported TREMENDOUS growth in Harper’s cognitive development. She showed improvement in every single area. Her IQ went up 14 points. Her processing speed increased. That math learning disability concern is gone. There are no recommendations for ADHD medications, no push for a different school or program. In areas where she was totally bottomed out last year she is now on the learning curve. She is actually remembering information and instructions and engaging in conversations!

There are still concerns and deficits. She still has a lot of cognitive growing to do and areas of learning that will be more difficult. We talked a lot about social skills- as Harper gets older, appropriate social interaction becomes more troublesome. The doctor explained this as a neurological issue, stating that Harper is not simply dealing with external distraction, but has a lot of internal distraction that makes her unaware of what is happening around her socially. Our goal is to focus more on social skills this next year, and to continue working on some motor skill issues as we have been. We certainly still have lots of work to do and accommodations to make… but the doctor said that she has never seen a child with Harper’s complexities make such strides so quickly, so to keep up whatever it is we’re doing.

May I just say this- it is not what we’re doing. It’s what HE is doing! He is good. He is faithful. He always keeps His promises. His plans, His timing, His way!

He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted. (Job 5:9)

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