He did it for her

I can very much remember the moment I came face-to-face with the reality of what Christ endured on my behalf.  I had asked Him in my heart, and was very eager to learn all I could about Jesus and God and the Bible.  I was at a “True Love Waits” youth conference, and the speaker was presenting the gospel message to the group of teens.  I don’t remember his name, but he had such a way of speaking truth.  It was truly amazing and inspiring.  As he described the sacrifice that was offered through Christ Jesus, he gave very vivid details about the brutality of the torture, physical abuse, and crucifixion of my Savior.  I can still feel the heart wrenching pain that I felt deep within for the first time that day, and the tears that flowed uncontrollably as I realized, “Wow, He suffered for me.”

That phrase has come to my mind numerous times since then during my walk with Christ, and I know those words have left my lips on multiple occasions as I’ve witnessed to others about the wonders of the cross.  However, as the years have so quickly passed by, I am ashamed to admit that the awe of what those words mean has become less intense.  “He did this for you” has all too often become one of those token phrases, a “Christian cliche,” so to speak.

Fortunately, God always finds a way to wake you up and give you a reality check when you lose sight of His awe-inspiring glory, and the miracle of that first sacrifice.  The past Sunday was one of those eye-opening (or heart-opening) experiences for me.  I’ve shared before that Raegan asked Jesus into her heart, and she was able to participate in her first communion this week.  This special observance always reminds me of the unbelievable sacrifice that our Savior made on the cross, but somehow as I watched my sweet girl partake of the Lord’s Supper, I was overwhelmed in ways I never thought possible.

At that moment, I was reminded that it’s not about me.  As I watched her take the bread and the “wine,” it was far more than recognizing what He did for me.  It was what He did for my daughter.  You see, a mother’s love in unfathomable.  A mom loves her children with an intensity and a passion that no person can comprehend…. but God can.  That love that a mother has for her child is just a small portion of the love that He has for me, for you, and for my own children.  As much as I love her, He loves her all the more.  He gave His child and allowed Him to be tortured and abused for each one of us… that is a love I cannot imagine.  And while He did that for me and for everyone else, it means so much to this mommy-heart that He made that sacrifice for my own child, that He paid her debt and invited her into eternity with Him.  For that, I am eternally grateful.

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