Surgery #1

Here’s a limited update from a sick, drugged out mom still in the hospital in Wilmington:

Surgery started at 8:30 as planned, but due to complications has just now ended for the day. Long story, but what appeared to be three cysts ended up being one large, complex cyst with veins. Those veins caused minor bleeding, so they had to perform more intensive surgery to try to remove the cyst. However, as they were draining it there was a separation which lead to heavier bleeding and halted surgery plans. They had to remove part of Harper’s skull and pack her head to stop the hemorrhage.  She is now stable.  More plans will be made for future surgery and treatment, so please continue to pray that she will remain stable and as healthy as possible. Thank you all for praying steadily for us during this time.

For those who have asked about Mom’s condition, I am still at New Hanover and the fevers keep spiking for reasons they can’t identify, so please pray they’ll figure it out soon so I can get up there to my husband and my baby!

**Much later update to this surgery report… This surgery began as an effort to insert a shunt to drain the fluid from Harper’s brain to her stomach.  The surgeon actually had her stomach and head open to insert the shunt, but at the last minute made the decision to touch the cysts first.  We now know this was God’s divine intervention… had the surgeon started with the shunt, the pressure would have been far too great and our girl would not have survived the hemorrhage.  Our God is Great!!

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