Overdue update

Yesterday was a busy day so we weren’t able to update. “Mommy” was finally fever free long enough to be discharged… No explanation for the up and down temps as the only thing they could find were kidney stones and just a little bit of fluid in the lungs, so now it’s Duke time!

Harper has been fairly stable the past day and a half. They removed all the EEG equipment today and haven’t seen any more signs of seizure activity. She still has her breathing tube, but has almost been weaned from it. Today is her last day of being hooked up to the machine that holds her body temperature at 92-93 degrees. Her head circumference is maintaining its size, so that’s great news in terms of swelling. Her blood pressure is the least stable of everything at this point, so she’s being medicated and monitored closely for that. Right now she has her second neurosurgery tentatively scheduled for Thursday to try again. Oh, and on a happy note, both big sisters were able to come in and see her today!

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