Ups and Downs

Today has had its share of ups and downs. Both big sisters got to see Harper a couple of times, and they were amazing with her. We worried about it being too scary for them, but they were curious about all of her boo-boos and gadgets and of course went on and on about how cute she is and how much they love her. The downside to all of that quality time we had with all of our girls in one place was that we had to say goodbye to our big girls again and send them back to Leland.

As for Harper’s health report… She is completely off of the cooling machine and is back up to a normal body temperature! We love seeing her with color and feeling her skin all toasty and warm, but going to those extreme body temperatures and back has been tough on her little body. Now that she is warm, she is far more sensitive to the pain she is in. She’s very uncomfortable and cries a lot, although we can only see her crying and not actually hear her due to the breathing tube. She is still slowly becoming less dependent on the ventilator, and they are still working to find a good balance with her blood pressure meds. She is currently having a blood transfusion to help with that.

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