Dull day = Good day

No major news today… Harper is still heavily sedated, which means she’s resting comfortably. They’re cutting back on the amount of blood and plasma products she is receiving, so that’s a positive step, and she is already back to a minimal use of the ventilator. However, they are keeping the breathing tube in for a while in the event that she ends up needing another surgery. Her drainage is going well- less fluid is coming out, which is a good sign, and the doctor told us again today that they’re remaining hopeful that she will not end up needing a long-term shunt. Harper continued to show some small seizure activity on the EEG through the night/morning, so they’ve made some med changes to keep that under control, and there were no seizures recorded this afternoon. As of today, the plan is to take it slow and easy with her, carefully managing her pain level, closely monitoring her fluid drainage, and keeping the seizures under control. Pray on, prayer warriors… The prayers are working, and we are overwhelmed by your encouragement and support.

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