The roller coaster continues

Today started off amazingly- they took Harper off of the EEG, decreased her meds, and had her down to a minimal usage on the ventilator. The fluid draining from her head was also decreasing, and they told us that in a couple of days they would make a decision about removing the external shunt, and it looked like she would not need an internal shunt.

Then this evening they took her back for yet another C/T scan, and the news was not as positive. Her ventricle is enlarged again due to fluid build-up, and the tube for the external shunt has become clogged due to blood clots from her previous surgeries. So, tomorrow we go into our third brain surgery in two weeks, this time removing the external shunt from the left side, making a new incision, and inserting a new external shunt in the right side. Prayers appreciated…

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