Steady and stable

Harper’s improvement continues slowly and steadily. She is visiting with her big sisters this weekend, and loves all of their attention! We talked with one of her doctors this morning, and here’s her latest update: They are continuing to increase her milk feeds and will be taking her off of the TPN today to see how she does. They are weaning her slowly off the morphine, and when she comes off completely we will have a therapist come in to start working in bottle feeds. Her latest c/t scan was good- the right side of her brain/head is improving, and while the left side still shows some bleeding, it is stable and the neuros are happy with it. They are continuing to increase the pressure on her EVD (her external shunt), and in the next two or three days they’ll make a decision about removing it and also try to decide if she’ll need the internal shunt.

That about sums it up… On a non-medical note, we got to see her in a onesie yesterday! It was exciting for this mama to see her girl with clothes on for a change. 🙂

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