And she sleeps

Not much to report today… Harper slept pretty much the entire day. Standard visits from OT and speech, and neuro came and removed the sutures in Harper’s belly and those going down the left side and back of her head… Now the only stitches remaining are on the front right side of her head. She also got taken off of the Phenobarbital (one of her anti-seizure meds) so now we are down to just the Keppra for seizures. She’s still receiving doses of morphine, but they’re giving her extra methadone and Tylenol to try to lessen the need for morphine. Her breathing continues to sound better and better, so the doctors this morning said they feel the laryngomalacia will resolve itself with time. The best news we received today was from neuro- because her head has been so stable with the removal of the EVD, thu are waiting until Monday or Tuesday to do a c/t scan, and if all is still good by then they will consider having her transferred back to Wilmington (if she isn’t ready to be discharged due to other issues)!

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