A restful day

We are praising God for a much more peaceful and restful day today! So far there’s no word yet on results from yesterday’s tests, but Harper’s breathing seems to be a little better today and we’ve had no vomiting so far! She had visits from both the occupational therapist and the speech therapist today. OT is working on sensory issues to help keep her calm since that’s been a major issue the past few days, and speech is just focusing on getting her familiar with a pacifier (they can’t do much more with her at this point with her crying spells and breathing issues). While we haven’t heard an official word back from the ENT, Harper’s primary medical team seems to think that a lot of the issues we are seeing right now could be withdrawal-related. They are trying hard to get her off of that morphine, but it is a difficult process right now. She has a lot of different things going on to cause her pain and discomfort- her brain has been operated on a few times, she has fluid in her head, stitches on both sides of her head and on her belly, stomach issues from all the meds and finally getting milk feeds, skin issues on her bottom as a result of the stomach issues, swollen airways that make it hard to breathe, morphine withdrawal, and people constantly sticking her and messing with her and doing unpleasant procedures on a daily basis… She’s entitled to be cranky and miserable and to want that morphine to make her feel better! But hopefully as they continue to increase her methadone she will find more rest and become a happier girl again. At least we know that today she was able to find some quiet rest!

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