One step forward, two steps back

We arrived this morning to see Miss Harper wide awake and very alert- too alert for the ventilator as she was trying hard to get free from it! Her feeds have been put on hold, and all medications are back to being administered via iV. Because she is so agitated with the breathing tube, they are having to give her morphine to keep her sedated enough to not rip it out (she is a fighter!).

We got a few more details regarding last night’s “episode.” She had been very lethargic and around midnight started to have several desat episodes. Her nurse (Ms. Charlene- aka Harper’s guardian angel) was checking on her when she just stopped breathing altogether, went limp, and her heart rate began to decrease. Ms. Charlene immediately began to bag-ventilate her, so she only went without oxygen for about twenty seconds. She also had to have another line inserted to receive a blood transfusion.

The doctors do not feel that this has anything to do with Harper’s laryngomalacia and are leaning toward seizure activity. So, Harper is now hooked back up to the EEG as well, which means she will be confined to her bed again with the probes all over her head and the video camera recording her. If nothing shows up on the EEG in the next 24 hours or so, the next step will be a spinal tap to rule out infection.

So, there is no considering heading back to the coast this week… This curve ball has certainly put a halt in the overall recovery process, but we know that this is the best place for Harper right now and that (whether we understand it or not) God has a plan that’s being worked out through all of this.

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