Saturday summary from the doc

This morning Dr. Moya made his rounds, so here’s the latest update for Harper:

1. Her head circumference has actually slightly decreased! This means everything is working properly with fluid drainage- major praise!!

2. Harper is on a very high dosage of Keppra (her anti-seizure med). The neurologist here is planning to do an EEG sometime next week so they can make a decision about decreasing how much she takes.

3. It’s time to get more aggressive with oral feeding, so we are working more with syringe feeding and they want speech to work with her at least twice a day.

4. Harper is doing okay with muscle tone and tightness, but for now we are continuing daily physical therapy.

5. The weaning of the Ativan and methadone is going great, and today will be the end of Ativan completely!

6. While Harper is making feeding progress, the doctor feels that it is moving slowly. So, he is giving her one week and then evaluating her. His thoughts are to have us consult with the gastro surgeon in a week about a g-tube so that she can go home and continue therapy there.

That’s the low-down for this weekend, thanks for the continued prayers!

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