Two months later…

Well, if you had told me two months ago we’d be where we are right now, I don’t know if I would have believed you! I never could have imagined all that our sweet angel would go through in her first two months of life- looking back I still have a hard time believing some of it!

But here we are, celebrating two full months of life and love and hope and great miracles. At two months, Harper weighs 10 lbs 4 oz, two pounds and one ounce greater than her birth weight. Her head circumference is still maintaining a steady measurement, and she currently shows no signs of permanent brain damage.

Harper’s long list of medications has dwindled down to just a few… We are almost done with the weaning meds. She receives one tiny dose of methadone a day (only 0.02 mL) at this point, although she is struggling a bit still with that wean and has to take an occasional “booster” dose of Ativan to combat those withdrawal symptoms (today was one of those days). Her other meds are Prevacid for her reflux and Keppra for seizures.

As far as feeding is concerned, progress really has not been made. She is still being fed through the feeding tube in her nose, taking 114 cc’s over two hours with a two hour break between feeds. Since our exciting four cc’s from the bottle we haven’t taken any. In fact, today was the first day since then that Harper would even latch onto the bottle at all. Our girl is a smart one- she has learned to suck the bottle like her pacifier, which is a non-nutritive suck. That means she’s learned to take it without pulling any milk out, therefore defeating the purpose! So, we have officially been referred to the GI doctor and are now just waiting for the consult to get her g-tube surgery set up. Bad news- it will be her fourth surgery already (although not nearly as serious as her previous surgeries- but still surgery). Good news- we can finally take her home once it’s done and everything is in place!

So, that’s where we are today… Just waiting for the next step, hanging out in the NICU, praising God for blessing us with such an amazing little person for whom He obviously has big plans.

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