A milky miracle

Today this momma watched with tears of joy as our little fighter latched on to a bottle and drank four cc’s of milk without a single gag! After refusing to let the nipple in her mouth on Friday and then another long weekend of painful withdrawal from the methadone, this was a huge step forward.

You may wonder why I consider this to be such a miracle… Four tiny cc’s is such minuscule amount for a girl who takes over one hundred in a single feed! Yet that minuscule amount represents a great miracle, another promise, a reason to keep holding on to hope… When we first learned of the challenges to come with Harper, we did not know what to expect. They could not assure us that she would live, or that if she did what kind of brain function she would have. Every surgery she had put her at an even higher risk for disabilities and issues, one of which was her ability to suck and swallow. Something that is so natural for a person to do was a huge obstacle for Harper- yet today she did it with ease. It was just a tiny bit, but that tiny bit proves that her brain has not been permanently damaged in that area. For us, that is just one more evidence of the miraculous power of a God who loves us and has a grand plan for our sweet girl.

Praising God today for another victory and for all of our prayer warrior friends who keep praying us home! So thankful that we can rest in the promise of my favorite scripture (Rom. 5:3-5)… “hope does not disappoint…”

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