Don’t forget to hit your knees in prayer

Life has been rolling right along these days.  The big girls are out of school so the house is full of hustle and bustle and giggles and the beautiful sounds of sibling rivalry.  In the midst of it all, this mom has grown little complacent in the area of prayer… Harper has just adjusted so well to life at home, and while there are some areas of delay in her development, overall she seems perfect and “normal.”  So normal, in fact, that I’ve gotten a bit slack in the area of praying for her sweet little body.

But this morning’s doctor visit thrust me right back into the reality of raising a baby with hydrocephalus concerns and other special medical needs.  I have become so comfortable with all of the doctors and therapists and appointments that I haven’t really been bathing each one in prayer as I used to.  And this morning I got the dreaded measurement result that we had forgotten was possible- Harper’s head circumference has increased a little too quickly for comfort. Granted, it isn’t a huge jump, but it is enough in her case to cause some concern, so her pediatrician said she would consult with Duke neuro to see what they felt should be done at this stage.

And with that came a phone call that sent my emotions into overdrive- we have a c/t scan scheduled first thing Friday morning at the hospital here in Wilmington.  I had a feeling they would need to do one and check things out, but for some reason it hurt my heart… Harper has been doing so, so well, and I was so optimistic that our days of scans and tests and procedures would be over.  We haven’t had any head scans since we returned to Wilmington, so hearing that sent me back to our Duke days and I had a momentary meltdown.  (Of course, it doesn’t help that my husband is in California for military training during all of this and I’ve had sick kids and no sleep… Mama’s a little spent and over-emotional these days!)

So, just a reminder for myself to keep trusting and praying and not to take things for granted… thanks for praying with us for good results on Friday!  (And here’s the song I’ve been listening to this afternoon…)

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