Things I have learned this past week…

1. Maddie has icky green stuff in her head that tells her to do bad stuff, or at least this is what she told me at the end of devotions the other night.

2. Spray sunscreen is completely ineffective if it gets wiped off, as proven by the odd red streaks on random areas of my legs.

3. Sometimes my big girls need to know that I will get a sitter for Harper and do big-kid stuff with them.

4. Impromptu date nights are the best kind… Sometimes we have to make the most of opportunities that arise!  This week that meant running errands and a quick stroll on the beach and dinner while the littles were with Grammy and our oldest was with a friend.

5. Laundry can wait- playing dolls and CandyLand can not.

6. Maddie claims to be great at “daddy language.”

7. Nine-year old girls are obsessed with fashion… Or at least their mothers’ lack of fashion sense.  I have heard, “Are you wearing that?” far too many times this week!

8. My husband is seriously addicted to Shazaam.  I think it’s time for an intervention.

9. Life is crazy and full of uncertainty, but we have so very much to be grateful for!

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