Be spontaneous


These are the days that count, the moments that matter… Throwing caution to the wind, forgetting the to-do lists and saying, “Yes” to a blue-eyed angel who sees the beauty in the day and wants to embrace it.  The smell of salt air, the sound of the ocean waves, sun warm on my skin… reveling in Almighty God’s amazing creation.

The excited squeals of a miracle baby with her chunky toes digging deep in the sand… a little girl with endless joy and enthusiasm running and flipping down the beach, over and over and over again… sun beams dancing off the bright blue sea… chasing sea gulls with arms spread wide… discovering sea shells deep in the dirt… happy to be here, to be together, to be alive.

We’ll have to venture back to the real world, and the tasks we left behind will be waiting when we return… but oh, the freedom in leaving it all for this moment!  We get so caught up in all that “must” be done each day, and we lose sight of what is most important.  When these little ones grow and move on, they won’t remember all that we accomplished each day or the many checks on the checklist… they’ll remember these days, the days in which life was embraced and praise was given.  The joy that is found just in recognizing the gift of the day, the blessings of life- joy that comes from knowing the Giver of these gifts.  Sometimes it just takes a little spontaneity to bring us back, to remind us of all we have to be thankful for, to shift our focus back to the One who matters most.

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