Thursday’s Thanks…

Beginning this week, I am starting thankful Thursdays… As I journey through mommyhood and all the chaos that entails, I’m realizing the value of pausing to literally count my blessings.  Yes, that mountain of laundry waiting in the next room doesn’t typically evoke immense gratitude in my soul, but when I stop a moment and give it some thought, it shows much to be thankful for- we have more than enough clothes to wear, I have a houseful of girls to wear those clothes, I have a washing machine with which to wash those clothes… those dirty clothes show life lived, food enjoyed, places seen.  So, there is much to give thanks for, and my goal is to use this space on Thursdays to list just a few of the many blessings in my week.  Here goes…

  1. The beauty of a pile of used books purchased at bargain prices that my girls will enjoy in the upcoming year.
  2. Great-grand-papa’s sleeping head resting on baby girl’s sleeping head in the car
  3. Realizing some healing has taken place as I’m able to share the story without melting halfway through it
  4. Watching my littlest figure out the shape-sorter for the first time
  5. Impromptu date nights
  6. Coming home from said date night to discover my eldest has cleaned house just because
  7. Naps
  8. Just the right song at just the right time
  9. Surviving grocery shopping with cranky children in tow 
  10. Skeeball for a quarter

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