I’m not much for words tonight so please excuse the messiness of my writing, but I wanted to do a quick post for all of you who have been praying for Harper’s appointments this week- we aren’t going.

Long story short, I ended up in the emergency room myself this afternoon and I have been told by the doctors that I cannot travel much farther than my living room.  As of right now we are rescheduling Harper’s MRI and neurosurgery appointment as that was just her routine, annual checkup.  I am supposed to meet with my doctor tomorrow and I plan to beg her to let me travel Friday so that we can make the neurology appointment- that’s the important one to discuss meds and seizures and all of that.  

So, our prayer requests have changed slightly- please pray that I can get my crazy health issues under control so I can focus on Harper’s needs, that we will be able to make that appointment Friday, and that we won’t have too much trouble rescheduling the MRI.  Thanks friends ❤️

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