Election Day 2016

Happy (or not so happy) Election Day, friends.

I’ll be upfront with you all- I don’t do politics.  I just have never been able to wrap my head around it all.  Between all of the legalities and rules and corruption and scandals and name-throwing and blame-throwing and he-said-she-said banter, my head spins, and I just feel lost in the shuffle.  Politics don’t really fit in with my whole love Jesus, love people, and everyone play nice vibe.  So I smile and nod when people start sharing their opinions, and then I go home and read and pray and try to make some kind of sense out of this crazy world.

And, in the midst of this highly charged and divisive election that is upon us, here’s what I have found- I can’t make sense of this crazy world.  Because we live in times of chaos and confusion.  The lines between right and wrong have been greatly muddled, everything is open to debate and contradiction, and we’ve become as a whole a society of me-seekers.  Everyone wants to get ahead, everyone wants first place, everyone wants more than the person before them, and everyone expects to be right.  The only humility we seek is a pretense in hopes that it’ll make us look good or help us get ahead in the long run.

Like so many others with this election, I struggled to find the perfect candidate.  You know, the person in whom I had complete confidence would lead our country in the right direction, the one who would stand up for right and wrong, the person in whom I could place hope and trust for the future of my children…. And the struggle was real, because the truth is that there is only One who is perfect, One in whom I can place my confidence, One who embodies the very essence of hope and trust- and His name isn’t on a ballot.  His name is Jesus.  I haven’t been called to worship and serve the next President of the United States.  I’ve been called to worship and serve the Creator of this universe, the one true God.

And regardless of what the polls reveal tonight, regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, regardless of what transpires as a result of this election, Truth will still prevail.  My God’s plans for me, for my children, for my family and friends, for this nation, and for this world will not be thwarted.  He will continue to be Lord over all.  He will continue to sit on His throne and to reign eternally.  The victory has already been won.

So, tonight, if you’re placing your trust in the polls, in the White House, in a man or in a woman, I challenge you to rethink that choice and put your trust in Jesus.  I promise you, He won’t fail.  His promises are eternal and His plans are for good. And if you already trust Him and have been praying today for our leadership and our country, I challenge you to KEEP PRAYING.  Tonight isn’t the end- we’re simply turning another page.  We need to be a nation on our knees far beyond Election Day.  Our leaders need our prayers, our nation needs our prayers, and our children need our prayers.  

Much love to you all… May you find great peace and rest tonight in the King of Kings ❤️

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