My last post was on waiting.

And yet still, we wait.

Such it is with this life… we’re always waiting on something! After I last updated, we received word back from Harper’s neurologist at Duke that her EEG was clear.

She has not had a clear EEG in over seven years. In fact, I initially thought the report I read had to be wrong, and we had to wait a month to confirm everything with the doctor.

For the first time ever, her body is responding to the medicines as it should. After years of failed attempts, the doctors at CHOC hospital in California found something that worked.

Even when we don’t see it, He’s working.

Now we wait until next month to do a follow up EEG, and if the prognosis is still good, we get to start weaning back on one of her daily meds.

Weaning BACK! And doing so without adding something new! We’ve never done this!

So our prayers are shifting… we are now praying for this next EEG to be clear. We are praying that she does get to wean off the medicine and that it goes smoothly. And we are praying that the damage that has been done to her brain over these years will be reversed and she will be fully restored.

We are hopeful… but we always have been. Because our hope is not in doctors or man, but in Jesus. We have a Living Hope who works all things for the good of those who love Him, and that Hope does not fail.

Does that mean we get everything we ask for, the way we expect it, when we want it?


But it means we can rest and have peace and joy no matter what, because we know our Hope does not disappoint, that He is holding all things together, and that the end of our story is victory, regardless of what happens here on earth.

So, friends, whatever it is you’re waiting for today, keep praying, keep trusting, and hold on to Hope… the best is yet to come 💜

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