Stable is the word of the day. No improvements, but no downsides, either. Harper is fairly heavily sedated to keep her comfortable while they try to get her condition perfect for surgery day. She received another blood transfusion this evening, and they’ve decided at this point to leave her on the ventilator even though she is using it minimally.

Right now surgery is still scheduled for Thursday, but we were warned tonight that her labs have to be perfect for the surgery to take place. For the surgery, they have to remove the packing in her head, then attempt again to remove the complex cyst at the back of the ventricle. They have a second cyst at the front to remove as well that they know of, but they say it won’t be as complicated.

So, things to pray for: Harper’s continued strength, her continued lack of need of the ventilator, a continued decrease in blood pressure medication, perfect lab results (so far, so good), and no surprises on surgery day!

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