Sunday’s song: Flawless by MercyMe

No matter the bumps No matter the bruises No matter the scars Still the truth is The cross has made The cross has made you flawless No matter the hurt Or how deep the wound is No matter the pain Still the truth is The cross has made The cross has made you flawless 

Praise God that He made a way!  No matter what mistakes have been made in our lives, we are flawless.  He is bigger than all that plagues us… Our bad choices, our addictions, our pride… Our need to please, our need to succeed, our need to be more or do more… Our broken hearts, our broken dreams, our brokenness… Our anger, our bitterness, our jealousy, our fears… Our messy homes, our messy relationships, our messy lives… All of those things everyone sees and judges us for, and even all of those things no one sees or knows… He’s bigger.  And He loves us bigger, so big that He made a way on that cross to make us flawless.  When He looks at us, He sees redeemed.  He sees righteous.  He sees forgiven.  He sees the ones He loves.  Embrace it, friends- live in the beauty and victory of grace!

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