Here we are again 

  Well, friends, our life is never dull.  This morning around 6:30 Harper sat straight up in the bed after a restless night’s sleep, and when I asked her if she was okay, she just shook her head no.  I noticed that she kept darting her eyes to the side, so I got her into the living room and we started observing and timing.  

After 15 minutes of off and on seizing, we called the paramedics and had to administer her emergency meds.  They arrived, the seizing stopped, and after promising to take her to our doctor, we avoided an ambulance ride to the ER.  However, 45 minutes later as the meds wore off, the seizing started again, so we had to call them back and went straight to the hospital.

We were so anxious after our last experience in the ER, but today was amazing.  The nurses were incredible, the doctor was proactive and on top of things, and they wasted no time in getting the seizures stopped, consulting with Duke, and running all of the tests and scans.  After a chest X-ray, ct scan, and bloodwork, everything was stable and we were admitted to the pediatric unit for monitoring and observation overnight.

And that is where we are.  The doctors have decided to double Harper’s daily medications so that we will go to twice a day instead of just once, so prayers for that because it is only offered as a tablet or “sprinkle” and she does NOT like taking it.  So far since being admitted today we haven’t been able to get a dose in her.  However, she did wake up for a little while and eat a snack, so we are hoping that she will continue to make good progress through the night so that they can send us home by lunch tomorrow. 

As we always say but always sincerely mean, thank you so much to our incredible prayer warriors out there.  Harper is blessed to have you all interceding on her behalf.  ❤️

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