Well, we are now at a point of just waiting. Harper had visits from the doctor, the speech therapy team, and a physical therapist today, but basically the story is the same… we have to wait and see. She got her first experience with a bottle today, and the therapist said she did swallow a few drops, but that once she figured out something was coming out of the nipple she freaked out and backed off from it. However, they’re happy that she is taking to her pacifier more and that she’s starting to root and bring her hands to her mouth more- apparently these are all signs that she’s heading in the right direction.

The doctor today said that they are going to give her at least a couple of weeks to see how she progresses, and then make a decision about a g-tube. He also said that Harper tested positive for something called VRE, which is a bacteria that patients can contract in hospital settings if they’ve had lots of surgeries and antibiotics. It isn’t causing any issues for her, but because she has it, she has to be in “isolation,” which means that anyone who visits and holds her has to wear a stylish yellow gown and gloves.

In the meantime, we are continuing to adjust to our new roles as life outside of the hospital walls rolls on. Praying that we can find a good balance and that Harper will continue to show miraculous progress and get hooked on that bottle quickly!

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